I wished for a few books for Christmas, five to be exact, and i take them to bed each night and read, read, read. I'm not one for dauntingly long novels, that's why these books are more on the factual front. They're not a chore to read, i suppose because they're about great designers and amazing blogs - not that the blogosphere isn't enough for me! But sometimes it's nice to feel paper whilst you read, and use a bookmark! 

Fashion Blogs. 

I'm in love with the layout. And the front cover. 
This book is amazing, it contains lots of interesting interviews with bloggers, some of which i know and others that i'm glad to have read about. There's also a directory of blog URLs at the back, that you can lookup online on a rainy day. 

Style Diaries. 

Basically the best of Lookbook. 
I wasn't expecting it to be this thick, but i'm not complaining! There's a cute summary of each person before all their amazing outfit photographs are shown, i really enjoy reading that part. It also tells you their blog URL so you can have a nose round their blog too, clever. 

How to Prepare for a Career in Fashion.

...Lame, i know. 
We had a textiles workshop with the lady who wrote this book, Stephanie Finnan, and it was amazing, best two days of my life! So i figured why not? If the workshop's anything to go by. And it's surprisingly really good, not on the same level as the TeenVogue Handbook, but it offers a UK insiders guide i suppose. There are really useful interviews that answered lots of questions i had bobbing around and a 'ask the expert' section, as well as what you would need to study at uni for a specific job e.g. for a Fashion Journalist (there are eleven jobs featured in the book). 

Fashion Designers' Sketchbooks. 

One word, Amazing. And it's printed on fancy card.
It's so great to get a peek at some of the most famous designers' sketchebooks. A look-in at how they come up with their garments, their thought process, how they record their ideas! ahhh! It's like looking at something that should be top secret, it's amazing. 

British Fashion Designers. 

Average, i'm gonna be honest. 
This book is purely for me to refer to when i'm endlessly searching for fashion designers for my textiles work. It's full of catwalk photos and fashion illustrations, and repetitive questions, with sometimes interesting answers. 

Last post of the year! 
Have a great New Years Eve! 



Christmas holidays have finally arrived! Last day of school tomorrow and i can't wait. So hopefully there'll be more time to blog etc. I'm so happy! I think it's a mixture of general christmas excitement and free time to do whatever, and that i ordered some shoes from Urban Outfitters a couple of weeks ago, super excited for them to come down! I'll do a post when they arrive!




Model love at the moment - Ruby Aldridge.
 I'm ridiculously in love with her style.