A few outfit photos from both New York and LFW, i love the second photo - all of them look so amazing together and those heels Alexa's wearing, get into my wardrobe now! Heaven in a photo! 

 so basically this is an Alexa Chung post, need i say anymore? 




Truly Madly Deeply tee - UO, Vogue Best Dressed - Gifted 
Finally got round to reading some of the Vogue Best Dressed magazine i got given for christmas! Picked a few of my favourite pages to photograph, everyone looks so flawless, it's sickening! I went to london last weekend to Pure London - a clothes/ accessories buying event for fashion retailers, and then met up with my friend on monday in Covent Garden for some shopping before we caught our flight home. I'll hopefully get my camera developed this week and then do a little London post if they're any good! 

Hope you've had a good week,




Read this on Vice today and thought i'd share, it made me laugh. It's titled 'Hey mum, why am i alone on valentine's day?' they basically asked their single friends to quiz their parents on why their alone and loveless...


Liz: So do you think I’ll get any Valentine’s attention this year, Mum?
Liz’s Mum: Sure, why not? If you play your cards right your dad might not be the only guy to buy you flowers.

Thanks for sharing that with everyone. So why so confident?
Well you’re drop dead gorgeous, just like your mother. You just spend a few too many Friday nights in watching TV.

Everything about that is depressing. Are you expecting much attention on Tuesday?
No, I may be drop dead gorgeous, but I'm also old and married.

True. What do you think I should do to cast my Valentine's net wider than dad?
You should start paying attention to your mother's advice!

Seriously, as my mother you have no other opinions?
I'm not kidding about the house Liz, you have the rest of your life to liquify on the couch. I don't know why you decided to start now.


Scott: So Mum, do you think I’ll get lucky this Valentine’s Day?
Scott’s Mum: What do you mean? As in a card or a woman?

A card. From a woman.
Oh, then I think you’ll do well. Very well.

That’s encouraging. What makes you so confident?
Because you’re a beautiful person, which is a given because you’re my son. You’re the best, and also very handsome. But maybe I’m biased.

Thanks, but if that’s all true, why am I considering starting an OkCupid account?
Why are you so concerned all of a sudden? When I was your age no one cared about this crap. Maybe stop worrying so much about things like Valentine’s Day. That can't be attractive to girls.

Read the full article here

Happy V Day guys 




really cute photos i came across, love the added glitter glue and stars


p.s changed a few things on here, hopefully for the better? 



Winter's struck hard, and so has the inevitable snuffly nose and oh-so-sweet sore throat. But amongst the never ending load of work and freezing temperatures, good news seems to blossom... THE CARRIE DIARIES IS BEING MADE INTO A TV SERIES!! ahhh!!! Well, admittedly, it is only a pilot episode.. but, fingers crossed it'll get enough hits to gain its place on our screens! Candace Bushnell's prequel books to the much loved Sex And The City show, see Carrie in her transition  from high school tribulations to Manhattan city life, I loved both of the books and actually paced myself through the final chapters of Summer In The City, because i couldn't bare the thought of it ending and leaving Carrie's amazing world behind! So news of the possible series, being made by the same produces as Gossip Girl, has definitely brightened up my week. The question is though, who will play the younger versions of the big four?! Rumour on the blogosphere is it could be Elizabeth Olsen, Emma Stone and Blake Lively.. I love it already! 

 the new Carrie?