coat Topshop// skirt Urban Outfitters// cropped knit Topshop// bag Gifted

Back on the Island for the holidays, it's so great to just be out of the busyness of London and chill with old friends back home. My favourite coffee shop is the hub for bumping into everyone and the perfect meeting place, Courtney and I grabbed a chai/ white hot chocolate and caught up on 3 months worth of gossip and chit chat! 

hope you all are having a lovely christmas, 




Three outfit ideas for styling this seasons boyfriend/cocoon coat. I'm completely lusting over the red fluffy Topshop coat in the first set, if only I had a spare £95.00, it'd be the perfect partner for all my black outfit days!



 'I think people aren't comfortable with feminine sexuality. I find people are uncomfortable when a woman is expressing her sexuality instead of repressing it. In our society, nude or sexually suggestive images of women are automatically seen as negative and objectifying and is often seen through a male perspective rather than from a female's. We need to make room for the female view of sex and accept it. Until then, people are going to be uncomfortable with photos like mine.'  Petra for Oyster magazine

Girl crushin' on Petra Collins this month. If you aren't a fellow follower of her instagram i'd highly recommend it; she's a gal that oozes vintage vibes and captures tongue-in-cheek female sexuality beautifully. A definite must on your newsfeed. 

Petra for Elle Japan, shot by Norman Wong & styled by Chloe Wise



Gatsby round two // Go Outside // Wooly socks in June? // Casio lover

 Pims o'clock// Tropical leggings // Daisy kinda day // Healthy start
Black coffee // new tee // Salmmmmmmon // Cacti cool

Few snaps from my instagram, 
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jacket - Zara, top - Gina Tricot, mom jeans -Topshop
 Celebratory start of summer drinks! This Zara bomber jacket is quite possibly my prized possession at the moment, the oriental print and bold colours are really beautiful, definitely worth the extortionate price tag! It's the sort of piece that finishes off an outfit, i've worn it with stonewash jeans and black dresses and it just adds a polished vibe to the simplest of looks. A wise investment. 




cardigan - Warehouse, top - Gina Tricot, jeans - River Island, bag - thrifted, eagle necklace - Topshop, chain - River Island 

Few snaps from the other week when the weather was more temperamental



JuJu jellies, £20, Topshop
Last summer I "ummed" and "arrrred" about getting a pair of jelly shoes, but typically our little Island didn't stock a single style and although I contemplated ordering a pair online, I really wanted to try them on and see how they looked before committing! When I was over in London last month I saw these clear-glittery-hunks of jelly and couldn't leave them behind. I opted for the non-heel ones, purely cause I don't want the added height and i'm not the most graceful even in the lowest of heels! Can't wait to wear them with cute socks, definitely a summer essential! 

Are jelly shoes your cup of tea too? Or a fashion fad you can't wait to see the back of?




Swim Deep, Peace, Matty Healy...get inspired
I don't think i've ever fully realised how dependant my day is on music, as cliché as that sounds! My Beetle's been at the mechanics for a while, finally got it back yesterday, it's honestly the best platform to listen to tunes. I couldn't think of anything better than driving and just chillin' in the sunshine listening. It's no secret i'm completely smitten for The 1975, I have a good friend to thank for getting me into them before their recent radio success, so this love has been brewing for a while. The fact that both them and Swim Deep are playing at Reading this year has made my month! Maybe it's an admirational haze that's clouding my judgment but these guys have got style, unintentional, laid back, I don't give a crap, style. So I collated my own take on their look, a mixture of grungy, street, comfy attire... what more could you want? 

Hope you guys are well, check in again soon, got some tie dye wonders to show y'all! 


TOP TENS: Things I'm Loving

1. Having the bestest friends 
2. Pastel, pinky, pretty tattoos
3. Being able to wear sunnies, despite the temperature!
4. Anything and everything holographic
6. Buttoned up coolness
7. Pen porn
8. Topshop Unique AW13
9. Words of wisdom
10. Fisheyein' everythin'