JuJu jellies, £20, Topshop
Last summer I "ummed" and "arrrred" about getting a pair of jelly shoes, but typically our little Island didn't stock a single style and although I contemplated ordering a pair online, I really wanted to try them on and see how they looked before committing! When I was over in London last month I saw these clear-glittery-hunks of jelly and couldn't leave them behind. I opted for the non-heel ones, purely cause I don't want the added height and i'm not the most graceful even in the lowest of heels! Can't wait to wear them with cute socks, definitely a summer essential! 

Are jelly shoes your cup of tea too? Or a fashion fad you can't wait to see the back of?



Jessica said...

I think these are so cute and I would deffo wear them in the summer, not with socks though

Life's a shoe said...

so cute!