Came across this editorial by David Burton for Elle Taiwan - July issue, loved it so much I had to preserve it in a blog post! Don't you just have a lifelong yearning to be a skater gal' and roam round your city in style, rolling from street to street, shop to shop, coffee and iPhone in hand (if you have da' skillz like the guy in the photo above) living the life?! I'm trying to build up to that calibre - need to get a couple more hours on the longboard first! Continuing with the skateboarding theme and things i've stumbled upon, let me share with you The Skartorialist, a nice pun on the famous The Sartorialist, except instead of being captured for your street-style, you must have a skateboard in hand to catch the Skartorialist's eye! How cool?!     

hope you've liked this rad, narly, sweet, sick, fly, post ;)



I'm back with a whole new round of short n' sweet interviews with some of my favourite bloggers out there; some of which you may already have bookmarked and some perhaps you haven't yet stumbled upon, whichever one, i hope you enjoy getting to know a little more about the people behind the laptop screens. So lets start off with Camilla from 'Into The Fold', her lovely blog is filled with sophisticated, sleek stylin' outfits, photographed with the best backdrops you could wish for, ranging from London to the US, you'll always be kept in the loop with her latest looks no matter where in the world she is! Be sure to check out Camilla's site when you get a moment, you won't regret it! 

What inspired you to start blogging? 
 My friend actually started a blog, and that put the idea into my head.

What's the meaning behind your blog name?
It was the name of an editorial in American Vogue, and it just kinda stuck with me.

Describe your style in 3 words:
simple, fun, kindalazyalotofthetime

Where do you find inspiration most?
Blogs blogs blogs! I'm always getting uber inspired by bloggers and how they interpret trends and the stuff they write.

What songs do you currently have on repeat? 
 Put Your Hands Up by Nerina Pallot and Vampire Smile by Kyla La Grange (I have a totally random music taste)

What do you like to do when you're not blogging/photographing outfits? 
I stroke my 200 cats and eat from Nutella jars with spoons...and I paint, write, read or design.

Who's your favourite fashion blogger at the moment?
Sandra from 5 Inch And Up!

What 5 items can you not live without?
Food, Vitamin Water, Chocolate, my trusty converse and my entire high heel collection.

What styles are you looking forward to embracing this A/W?
 I'm no good with trends! What's trendy now? I always get confused, because Vogue always tells me that gloves and hats are a trend for winter but surely that's a tad obvious? I just bought a hat that looks like a bears face...pretty excited to rock that.

What are your must-have articles of clothing or accessories right now? 
I'm in the states and off to Hawaii, so right now...a bikini and my sunglasses (which I just broke, so I'm kinda failing on that one already)

I hope you enjoyed this feature, stay tuned there's more to come!




crop top - Minkpink, shorts - Charity Shop, belt - Vintagetie dye socks - DIYshoes - River Island

Seeing as it's so hot outside, it's been the perfect opportunity to wear my crochet-esq croppy from Minkpink, which has been waiting in my wardrobe to see the light of day since i bought it! I've been away in Norway these past weeks, visiting the fam and chillin' at the cabin, oh and a spot of shopping which i'll update you guys on soon! Nothing beats scandinavian stores! This summer holiday has gone super quick, but hopefully i can fit in some more beach days, hanging with friends, longboarding adventures, charity shop hunting and VW Beetle cruising before school starts, fingers crossed! Hope you're having an amazing summer



TOP TENS: Things I'm Loving

1. Crazy-ass sunglasses
 2. Home decor dreams
 3. Tie-dye tees and floral head pieces
4.  Flying off to Norway on the 30th!! 
5. Studded everything
6. Attempting to recreate this 
7. The prospect of lazing around in the hot summer sun next week.. if weather reports are correct...
8. Sherbet shades
9. Double exposure
10. Discreet arm tattoos




THE SUN IS SHINING!!  I got home from work today and the sun was still beaming, so i thought i'd sneak in an outfit post. I've been dying to wear shorts without tights and whip my pasty white legs out for ages now, but summer just hasn't been around this year, and it's JULY (i know i'm forever commenting about the weather, but it pretty much rules my fashion life, bad weather = jeans and jumper combo = bleurgh.) Fingers crossed this weather's here to stay...i probably just jinxed it with this post! 

Have a loovveelyy weekend, and stay tuned for some DIY posts coming your way!



TOP TENS: Things I'm Loving

1. Homemade ice lollies
2. Magical rucksacks
3. (Dreaming of) Cooling summer ice-teas 
4. Neon colour pops
5. Sleeping in 
6. Hand chains 
7. Multiple ear piercings 
8. Pool parties 
9. crochet crochet crochet... grunge crochet
10. His birthday




Elephant bracelet, Silence + Noise Cloudy Ankle Jeans

I've kinda been wooed over with tie dye. Initially i felt nothing towards the psychedelic rainbow patterns - possibly because i've done enough tie-dying to last me a life time in Textiles - but now, the new twist of pastel sweet colours and faded out dyes has kindled a small yearning towards all things tie dye. I had to restrict my purchase to a single pair of jeans on UO otherwise i'd of bought the socks, crop top and jumper too! 

would of taken some photos with these beauties on, but literally as soon as i snapped these photos it clouded over and started drizzling... where's summer? is it coming this year?! So i'll upload some when the weather's a tad better 

hope you're all well