TOP TENS: Things I'm Loving

1. Crazy-ass sunglasses
 2. Home decor dreams
 3. Tie-dye tees and floral head pieces
4.  Flying off to Norway on the 30th!! 
5. Studded everything
6. Attempting to recreate this 
7. The prospect of lazing around in the hot summer sun next week.. if weather reports are correct...
8. Sherbet shades
9. Double exposure
10. Discreet arm tattoos




THE SUN IS SHINING!!  I got home from work today and the sun was still beaming, so i thought i'd sneak in an outfit post. I've been dying to wear shorts without tights and whip my pasty white legs out for ages now, but summer just hasn't been around this year, and it's JULY (i know i'm forever commenting about the weather, but it pretty much rules my fashion life, bad weather = jeans and jumper combo = bleurgh.) Fingers crossed this weather's here to stay...i probably just jinxed it with this post! 

Have a loovveelyy weekend, and stay tuned for some DIY posts coming your way!