I reckon more friends should coordinate their outfits and have meaningless strolls around the neighbourhood, taking action shots. Just a thought. I also reckon clumpy shoes are a necessity and dyed sherbet hair -no matter how old the trend is now- is high up on the list. 


So all exams are done for now, and other than feeling completely downhearted that i couldn't prove my revision knowledge of carbon dioxide transport, the production of tissue fluid or H+ ions moving out of the companion cell by active transport (creating a H+ ion gradient) and then diffusing back in with cheeky sucrose behind (lets just say the biology exam was crap), i'm doing well, and have a few blog posts up my sleeve...  

stay tuned,



So i had a little old polaroid chilling on my shelf, all rearing to go, film and all, but i never found the perfect moment to take it out and take some snaps, which is a poor excuse! Because come on, polaroids make the moment perfect! After seeing some real old polarids from the 60s/70s on a blog, i was urged to bring it out to a new years eve party and take some of my own! Have a look at how they turned out... 

 admittedly the scanned versions are rubbish compared to the originals that are now bluetacked to my wall, sorry! 

hope all your NYEs were good, it's actually the first time i've celebrated it without the fam and it was soso great! haha