So this years Glastonbury wasn't exactly the easiest to dress for... there were mudslides and heat waves galore! Hence the massive variation from the simple topshop mini dress, to the layered barbour jacket and wellies look! Alexa changed outfits several times during the festival, i loved the simple high waisted shorts and tee combo, and that oversized fedora. heavenly.

Warpaint - Undertow
I figured i could make a massively lengthy post with lots of videos.... or simply give you a link to the BBC's youtube channel where there are loads of videos :)

so i went with the link
links are fun

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a mini 'moodboard' of pastely colours. i want a lilac cat please. 

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had to be done, the typical tourist pic.
Our hotel 
Landan eye, half an hour surprisingly went quick! 
came across Pineapple Dance Studios by accident, Louie wasn't around sadly.
thee greatest, most amazingest shop on earth.
i'm a sentimental muppet, my favourite tags...
 UO top, Topshop skirt, Beyond Retro jacket, American Apparel socks
 Office toms, Rokit top, Topshop top, The Ragged Priest shorts, UO shorts

London. Was absolutely amazing. I'm still having little daydreams of the experience. I took my two film cameras as i'd managed to misplace the charger for my digital the day before. Typical. I turned the house upside down to find it! But no luck. I've developed one roll of film but on the other film there are like 4 photos left! But i will soon and if they're any good i'll post some. So the above two photos are some of the clothes i bought. Urban Outfitters was heavenly, i think i preferred the one in Covent Garden to Oxford Street. Either way i could have bought the whole store! 

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