So yesterday was Topshop's Unique SS12 show. And i'm just gonna say, wow. Whole new concept, whole new type of prints and colour pallets. Finally no more "hippie, boho chick, chic" that seems to have been lurking around for ages! It's now the rein of the Modern Egyptian. Gold leaf clad models, sporting Cleopatra inspired prints, cheeky nipple hiding scarab-beetles, Elizabeth Taylor jumpers, bold graphic patterns, pastel pinks, turquoises, whites, blacks and golds, tight sporty layering, over sized 90s knitwear and 'hip-hop feel' sweats, did i mention gold? - Rose Gold, Chocolate Gold, White Gold, Old Gold?!
Amazing show. So excited for next season, if you don't have time to watch the full catwalk....which i urge you to do! Then at least take a little gander at this video, it's a three minute heavenly round-up. Prepare to fall in love.




Jersey Live was this weekend, maybe not the greatest 'big' acts this year but by far, in my eyes, my favourite JL to date! The Rapture, Santigold, Dry the River, Summer Camp, King Charles! Awesome awesome two days. Back at school this week, sixth form now! so don't feel old enough ha! 

Hope all your summers were lovely, 
bring on the autumn weather and wool tights



Just a few photos i got developed that i've been meaning to show you guys, some are from london, the double exposure was taken in norway and the other two jersey. 
Who's excited for Tavi Gevinson's 'site for teenage girls' launching on monday? i am. The early Style Rookie posts inspired me to start up this blog, and you know when you try and think back to that exact moment when you first discovered blogs, it's a toss up between Tavi's and The Pony Hunter for me. So the news of her online magazine's very exciting, it has been a long time coming, so my excitements been brewing for a while! Head on over to rookiemag.com on monday to check it out, i'm positive it'll be a bookmarker! 
hope you guys are enjoying the last days of summer,