Just a few photos i got developed that i've been meaning to show you guys, some are from london, the double exposure was taken in norway and the other two jersey. 
Who's excited for Tavi Gevinson's 'site for teenage girls' launching on monday? i am. The early Style Rookie posts inspired me to start up this blog, and you know when you try and think back to that exact moment when you first discovered blogs, it's a toss up between Tavi's and The Pony Hunter for me. So the news of her online magazine's very exciting, it has been a long time coming, so my excitements been brewing for a while! Head on over to rookiemag.com on monday to check it out, i'm positive it'll be a bookmarker! 
hope you guys are enjoying the last days of summer, 


Hannah said...

i love tavi's blog too! thanks for the comment on my blog, glad you enjoyed it! i have followed you xo

Forever young. said...

nice pictures you took in London!
i like the clothes you added to fashiolista! the perfect outfit!

following u!


Francesca said...

these are really cool photos :) xx opinionslave
/ twitter: @opinionslave

Loretta said...

lovely photos. and I'm glad I stumbled across your blog, love it! followed.xx


Walk this way said...

nice photos from london!


akiko hiramatsu said...

It is a beautiful picture,
I will go watch.