I reckon more friends should coordinate their outfits and have meaningless strolls around the neighbourhood, taking action shots. Just a thought. I also reckon clumpy shoes are a necessity and dyed sherbet hair -no matter how old the trend is now- is high up on the list. 


So all exams are done for now, and other than feeling completely downhearted that i couldn't prove my revision knowledge of carbon dioxide transport, the production of tissue fluid or H+ ions moving out of the companion cell by active transport (creating a H+ ion gradient) and then diffusing back in with cheeky sucrose behind (lets just say the biology exam was crap), i'm doing well, and have a few blog posts up my sleeve...  

stay tuned,


Anonymous said...

I love love love this post especially the sherbet hair. Keep revising, it'll pay off!

sian woollard said...

i love these pictures on this post, they're so pretty! xx

Anonymous said...

Amazing pictures, they're so lovely!