Winter's struck hard, and so has the inevitable snuffly nose and oh-so-sweet sore throat. But amongst the never ending load of work and freezing temperatures, good news seems to blossom... THE CARRIE DIARIES IS BEING MADE INTO A TV SERIES!! ahhh!!! Well, admittedly, it is only a pilot episode.. but, fingers crossed it'll get enough hits to gain its place on our screens! Candace Bushnell's prequel books to the much loved Sex And The City show, see Carrie in her transition  from high school tribulations to Manhattan city life, I loved both of the books and actually paced myself through the final chapters of Summer In The City, because i couldn't bare the thought of it ending and leaving Carrie's amazing world behind! So news of the possible series, being made by the same produces as Gossip Girl, has definitely brightened up my week. The question is though, who will play the younger versions of the big four?! Rumour on the blogosphere is it could be Elizabeth Olsen, Emma Stone and Blake Lively.. I love it already! 

 the new Carrie? 


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Katy said...

Ohhh I'm already excited, even if it is just a pilot! I think Elizabeth Olsen would make a brilliant Carrie :) xx
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