So i had a little old polaroid chilling on my shelf, all rearing to go, film and all, but i never found the perfect moment to take it out and take some snaps, which is a poor excuse! Because come on, polaroids make the moment perfect! After seeing some real old polarids from the 60s/70s on a blog, i was urged to bring it out to a new years eve party and take some of my own! Have a look at how they turned out... 

 admittedly the scanned versions are rubbish compared to the originals that are now bluetacked to my wall, sorry! 

hope all your NYEs were good, it's actually the first time i've celebrated it without the fam and it was soso great! haha



Anonymous said...

What a great idea, looks like you got some good shots.

Rachel, Cold Knees said...

They've come out great! I've got a Polaroid really must get some film for it but it's so expensive! xx

We Can Pretend said...

So happy i found your blog, definitely coming back, loving all your photos! Theres a lot of inspiration here since we have similar styles.