TOP TENS: Things I'm Loving

1. Crazy-ass sunglasses
 2. Home decor dreams
 3. Tie-dye tees and floral head pieces
4.  Flying off to Norway on the 30th!! 
5. Studded everything
6. Attempting to recreate this 
7. The prospect of lazing around in the hot summer sun next week.. if weather reports are correct...
8. Sherbet shades
9. Double exposure
10. Discreet arm tattoos



Katy said...

I'm obsessed with studded everything at the moment too, I love it! x
Sirens and Bells

Jessica said...

I love this post, I am obsessed with all the same things especially studs, wacky sunglasses and sherbet colors!

I am following your blog now :)


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Jessica W said...

Fabulous picks. You have a good eye :)