Elephant bracelet, Silence + Noise Cloudy Ankle Jeans

I've kinda been wooed over with tie dye. Initially i felt nothing towards the psychedelic rainbow patterns - possibly because i've done enough tie-dying to last me a life time in Textiles - but now, the new twist of pastel sweet colours and faded out dyes has kindled a small yearning towards all things tie dye. I had to restrict my purchase to a single pair of jeans on UO otherwise i'd of bought the socks, crop top and jumper too! 

would of taken some photos with these beauties on, but literally as soon as i snapped these photos it clouded over and started drizzling... where's summer? is it coming this year?! So i'll upload some when the weather's a tad better 

hope you're all well

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Anonymous said...

love these, was actually thinking of buying them! Please take some photos so we can see what they look like on!