Came across this editorial by David Burton for Elle Taiwan - July issue, loved it so much I had to preserve it in a blog post! Don't you just have a lifelong yearning to be a skater gal' and roam round your city in style, rolling from street to street, shop to shop, coffee and iPhone in hand (if you have da' skillz like the guy in the photo above) living the life?! I'm trying to build up to that calibre - need to get a couple more hours on the longboard first! Continuing with the skateboarding theme and things i've stumbled upon, let me share with you The Skartorialist, a nice pun on the famous The Sartorialist, except instead of being captured for your street-style, you must have a skateboard in hand to catch the Skartorialist's eye! How cool?!     

hope you've liked this rad, narly, sweet, sick, fly, post ;)


ytoc said...

Rad post, makes me want to skateboard again haha! sweet blog too (thanks for checking mine out) following now!

topics for analysis essay said...

Your photos are really fun all around...your big smile is adorable in a car photo...and the skateboard guys are looking great simply

I.K.I.N.T.O.O. said...

I've always loved skater boy style!



Walk On The Style Site said...

Very nice post! i really like your blog and especially the outfit posts- so inspiring and with so much love for detail!! do you want to follow each other on gfc?? Let me know by posting on my blog :-) would be great! :o)