Tavi Gevinson... You know of her i assume? Please say yes. Please? 
For those of you who don't *shakes head in disappointment* she's a blogger extraordinaire! Her blog - Style Rookie, has around 50,000 readers, she's been featured in Teen Vogue a couple of issues back, met designers such as Karl Lagerfeld, Alexander Wang and John Galliano, not to mention a special guest at fashion shows such as Marc Jacobs & Maria Cornejo. As well as having  4, 819 followers on her twitter... ow and she's fourteen! 

So now you know, if you didn't already, about Tavi Gevinson, and understand why it's pretty awesome that Urban Outfitters now features her T-shirt. 

Although the T-shirt is available on Urban Outfitters, it only comes in one color, black. Her blog offers two colors, black and silver. It would cost us $51.99 (£36.01) including postage/packaging to get it here, which is almost the same amount as on Urban Outfitters for the black one!  
Anyhoo, just felt like sharing my excitement with you! I was doing my weekly scroll through the Urban Outfitters website and saw it and felt the need to post!



Dylana Suarez said...

Tavi is super cool! Love her blog!

Just came across your blog. It is lovely!


olive and mango said...

I know she's great!
aww thank you, i'll check yours out now :)