I took my analog to finally be developed yesterday, after much confusion over the amount of photos i had in the film. I started off thinking i had twenty four photos to take, not sure why, i kinda just assumed, so i reached twenty four and i had more! So i figured ahh, must be thirty then. Wound up to thirty and i still had more photos, thirty four...nope still more, turns out there were thirty six! Who would have thought? Had i of read the small printed numbers on the film roll i would have known this, but who reads the small print?! Here are just a few of my favourites. 
Completely smitten for the colours
Two of thee coolest bloggers around. If you ever need music advice/inspiration - old and present click here, or if you'd lost all hope that guys actually do dress awesomely then click here!
a friends sixteenth 
Can't wait to take some more photos with the ol' Tomato, especially some cute summery ones!

Have a good night,


Tamarah said...

I love how the pictures have turned out, especially the first two!
And thanks for linking me :)) x

Florian Baerlocher said...

wooow totally agree with tamarah, they came out so well!
n'aaw thanks for the link and comment, right back atcha about the coolest bloggers around! :)

Olivia Annabel said...

lovely pictures, especially love the camera, you should to take it on our D of E!

Olive and Mango said...

thanks guys :) Yeaahh Olivia i'll bring it on the next one!! xxx