My little blog has finally woken up from hibernation. It's been a year since the farewell summer I spent in Jersey, a summer of sad partings and boxing up of belongings before the whirlwind of London living began. Finding my footing in a new big city full of inspiration has been amazing. Being able to dip in and out of London's diverse culture with nothing more than an oyster card and a good group of friends, has given me the freedom I needed after living on a 9x5 mile rock! With a house in North West London providing a happy base for this new school year, I thought i'd photograph a few nicknacks and neighbourhood snaps! 
Envious of the yellow door! One day
 Back garden views 
 'Home away from home' 
 Sexy clay couple keeping my windowsill company
 Polaroids/film from this summer
 collection of postcards and posters
…bowling is a sport...
 Poster game is strong in our lounge 

Stick around for some more posts, ACC is back! 

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