As tempting as joining the mayhem masses that descended on Oxford Street this Black Friday, I swiftly retreated to the V&A museum after my day of interning. The end of each month sees the V&A open its doors for free passage to anyone who fancies a nosy round the exhibitions. This 'Friday Late' was based around Typography 'exploring the secrets and charms that shape our much-loved fonts'. Events taking place throughout the evening included: dressing up as a letter to create words with other visitors as part of a typographic performance by Amandine Alessandra. A watery installation by Netta Peltola spelling 'stressed' whilst reflecting 'desserts' - two opposite emotions. As well as interactive workshops where you could design your own font using a mixture of crafty methods such as collaging random objects, ink block printing and using perforated punch cards, then having your curated alphabet photographed and processed ready to download for your own personal use. The busiest seemed to be the Typo Tattoo Studio where you could hand-letter your own temporary typographic tattoo with lettering artist Oli Frape. If you're ever stuck for something to do on a friday evening at the end of the month, I'd highly recommend checking out what the V&A are up to; it's free, there's art, a bar and a DJ… night sorted! 

If this little typography teaser got your tastebuds tingling.. check out these three blogs influencing the print and graphics scene at the moment. Guaranteed to provide you with hours of scrolling, my gift from one procrastinator to the next.  

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