Growing older must definitely have some sort of correlation with time running faster, because boy have these past months sped by. It feels like not so long ago (January!) I was getting a call from the ASOS Talent Team telling an overexcited, clammy handed me that I was successful in scoring a place on their year long internships. Almost two months in now and i'm feeling settled into the role as a Buyers Administrator, and i'm pretty sure the novelty of working for ASOS won't rub off any time soon! As a kid I was always worried about not enjoying the job I would end up doing, and I definitely dreaded that painful 10 hour shift of part time retail roles, where you're counting down the minutes and tactfully planning your lunch breaks to make the day feel that less longer! (But you have to start somewhere to get anywhere.) I'm definitely thanking my lucky stars that sometimes i'm too busy to stop for lunch and when 5:30 rolls around I don't want to leave! This year of interning i'm sure is going to disappear quicker than my saved items on ASOS when it's payday! Feel free to tune into my adventures here on ACC, or pop by and say hey on my Instagram

- x M

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