I admit, i'm a little late posting about Coachella, but i definitely had to, whether it was 25 days ago or not!! The amount of inspirational styles from this 72 hour festival's crazy! I've been forced to choose my favourites, other wise this post would be so loonngg, you'd be scrolling for hours! Going to Coachella is on my list of things to do, the line-up, the fashion, the hot weather,  the fact it's on a lush green polo field in a LA desert, the parties - Philip Lim at Joan Collin's old house, another at Elvis's,  what's not to love! Here's the official Coachella website if you wanna find out more! They have pages dedicated to lost keys, cameras, bags, phones, very organised considering the scale of the festival! Anyhoo textiles and english await me, have a great week,



Rachel said...

I love these photos - Coachella is my dream!

Florian Baerlocher said...

I second that! plus festival clothes are the best.
love your blog by the way! :)

Francesca said...

coachella-just wow, love this post and your blog, soso amazing!

would be cool iff you could check out mine and maybe even follow me back?