Love these analog film 'In Full Bloom' by Kat Riddell.

I'm off to london in a couple of weeks for the first time! I've honestly past excitement now, i can't wait! ahhh!! So i need some help please, well advice, shops to visit, vintage stores to go to, rockit? mint vintage? beyond retro? Is london open on sundays... what about bank holidays! Which is the best topshop? eep!! Anyway some more exciting news, we've reached ninety nine followers! How did that happen?! As giveaways have become the 'to do' thing, i will most likely be doing one when we hit triple digits, just to say thanks to all you guys! 

Enjoy the rest of your week,


Anonymous said...

molly these photos are beaut!
EXCITED FOR YOU GOING TO LONDON. go visit my nan, when naomi and lorna came round they watched deal or no deal haha (on a serious note though, you might like the stables market in camden for really odd vintage clothes :))
i think i'm your 100th follower

Florian Baerlocher said...

you must go to spitalfield market and there are loads of vintage shops around in that area! plus covent garden with ALL the goodie shops ie h&m/urbanoutfitters/aldo/rokit but i don't think there's a topshop :(
oxford circus is the biggest topshop but soso busy so get there in the morning!
hope this helped, have a great time! :D

Rocketship In The Sky. said...

Beautiful photos :)
I've not been in London for a few years, but I think the most obvious things would be the London Eye/Big Ben etc if you've never been before :) xx