So i think this is the last of my interview posts, i might do a few more later on, if you've enjoyed them?
This mini interview is with Erika Bowes from Handful of Fashion, i literally couldn't believe my inbox when she replied, true blogger crush. I came across Erika's blog when i signed up to 'Style Journals', her posts are filled with outfits, charity shop finds, parties, DIY projects. Just a general great read, so pop on over if you get a moment!
What made you start blogging? 
I've been addicted to checking fashion blogs everyday and getting inspiration from people such as Rumi Neely and Olivia Lopez.

What's behind the name of your blog?
I don't actually know, I guess it just came to me while thinking of a name!

Describe your style in three words. 
Floral vs Spikes. (I like pretty and grungey things mixed!)

Who's your favourite fashion blogger at the moment?
 Hmm I'd have to say Rumi Neely, she's my all time favourite, even though our fashion is quite different I just love that fact were both half Japanese half White and her post and pictures are really interesting!

What three items can you not live without?
My iphone, studded bracelet and bright lipstick.

What styles are you looking forward to embracing this summer?
I don't actually look for summer clothing that's 'in' i'd just prefer to buy what I like!

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Hope you have a good night, 90210 later ahhhh!!!!


Martha said...

I've got a major blogger crush on her too! Her style and pictures are just so fricken awesome!!

kirstyb said...

loving all of these looks! x

Hannah. said...

Great interview! :) I love her blog too! .. Also, thanks for the help with finding the dress... made my day! xxx

Olive and Mango said...

Thanks for your comments guys, and no worries Hannah, glad i could help :) xxx

erleppard said...

LOVE these posts! Going to follow! Gorgeous blog xxxxx

Olive and Mango said...

haha thank you very much!! :P xxx