My personal fave ;)

 Finally got round to developing my fisheye film, the old man that I usually go to has stopped developing film because there isn’t enough demand anymore – which I think is very sad. So I was forced to find a new place, Jessops, and other than forgetting to burn me a CD, they were pretty good because with every order you get a free, yes a FREE, roll of film! But I’m not too impressed with how they came out, I know now I have to go really close to what I’m capturing to get the full extent of that fisheye look! I was apprehensive about going too close because with most analog cameras they have set focuses, but now I’ve played about with it I’ll hopefully get better!   

hope you guys are well,



Anonymous said...

I think these came out pretty well but I like when film pictures looks beat up.

Molly said...

aw thanks!

Anonymous said...

These photos are so cool, I love them :)

Miabelle said...

Nice photos <3

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