IT'S EASTER HOLIDAYS finally!!! So happy! lazing around in the sunshine but feeling depressed that you've only woken up at 11 and wasted half the day... but hey, that's what holidays are for?! Just a few photos with my friend, Courtney, messing around with photoshop - she's been living with me as i can't stay alone in my house... i'm seventeen and still afraid of the dark, oh dear! 

Hope you guys are having a great holiday, 

oh and check out Courtney's blog! It's super cute! Click here!


sophie! said...

your pictures look great.
haha staying on your own is scary, my friend ended up staying with me when we realized it would be fun/convient.

Ife said...

Love the pictures, so artsy!!

Molly said...

thank you! haha i'm glad you agree! xx

thanks Ife xx